5 Last-Minute, Affordable Girlfriend Gift Ideas

friendship tip junkie girlfriend giftIt’s four days until Christmas. Have you bought/got all your girlfriend gifts?

To be honest, I haven’t. Life’s been busy. Like REALLY busy. And time and money are both on limited terms this year. So, here are five last minute, affordable girlfriend gifts that we can all give our friends to make sure we don’t miss this holiday and the opportunity to tell/show them how much their friendship means to us:

  • Girlfriend Group Gifts - The smiling friend above received a special gift from her friends. They all knew she wanted to buy a new coat that was a bit out of her price-range so they all chipped in on it. That way, she’ll be warmed by their friendship and the new coat! (Great gift idea shared by ‘The Tip Junkie,’ aka: Laurie Turk. Check out her BlogTalkRadio interview for more great girlfriend tips!) Who among your group of friends would love to have a gift from the girls? Call up your friends and make one of them feel special with a ‘girlfriend group gift.’ It will also make the givers of the gift feel wonderful for getting to contribute to their friend’s special gift.
  • ‘Time with You’ Gift Certificates – Our favorite girlfriend gift has to be the gift of time and spending it with our friends. What activity, event or place would be perfect for spending time with a friend? Create gift certificates and give her ‘promise notes’ of times that you’ll share together in 2011. Can you make a monthly commitment? Create a gift certificate for each month and a fun activity – like “Gift Certificate for OCTOBER hike through a park of your choosing,” or “JUNE – let’s go get a pedicure together!” Plan ahead for a great year with your great girlfriend. She’ll love anticipating the fun time together!
  • Make 2011 the year of Great Girlfriendships – A wonderful, personalized gift that is relatively inexpensive and easy to create, is a custom calendar designed specifically for your BFF. Use photos of the two of you for each month or design colorful inspiring quotes to brighten her office. (We’ve got great girlfriend quotes!) Fill in the dates with friends and family birthdays, special events, funny sayings, etc. Make it a fun, friend-filled year! (Note: FedEx/Kinko’s has these calendars starting at $14.99 but you can also make on your own printer.)
  • Get Creative! - Remember writing poems in school? Why not dust off that skill-set and write her a verse or two about how much you appreciate her friendship, admire her and/or just enjoy her friendship. Not into rhyming? Create a card, make her a bracelet, stamp some stationery for her, or create a quick throw blanket to keep her warm. Embellish a frame with beads or scrapbook materials (stickers, ribbon, buttons, charms) then frame a photo of the two of you. Check out my creative girlfriends for great girlfriend gift inspiration! – Katie Hacker, Jill MacKay and Margot Potter.
  • What to give the girlfriend who has everything? - Honestly, don’t we all have too much stuff already? Who really NEEDS another thing to dust, calories to have to work off in 2011 or something to hang in the closet? You know the girlfriend(s) who would appreciate this gift – don’t you? Start a tradition of giving to a great cause in her name. Here are a few of our favorites: KIVA - making loans that change lives; Heifer International - give a goat, pig or cute trio of bunnies – that you/she don’t have to clean up after or feed!; and The Humane Society – it breaks my heart to see these animals – so please give! Or, if she, her family or friend(s) have dealt with cancer or some other illness/disease, give to a local or national non-profit who is offering research and/or services.

The price or size or glitziness of the girlfriend gift isn’t the important thing. What matters is that you show your friends how much their friendship means to you. Don’t miss the opportunity of the holidays to express your girlfriend gratitude and make her feel as special as her friendship is to you.

Happy Holidays Girlfriends!



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