Friendship Elizabeth EdwardsA hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

Joseph Campbell

“Does Elizabeth Edwards represent the universal Everywoman Friend, the woman we’ve shared joys and sorrows with, the confidante whom we’ve lost all too soon?” Women’s Issue editor (and I’m proud to call her a friend), Linda Lowen asked this in her recent article on Elizabeth Edwards and the Intimacy of Friendship. Linda explores female friendship in light of the loss of a woman who we related to, admired, and respected. She explored the bond that women share among their friends by writing:

There’s a mutual imprinting that goes on between women who have spent years together and have experienced life’s major transitions together. When things big and small happen, friends like these don’t require you to explain everything from the ground up. There’s a common basis, a shared understanding, and the knowledge that when you turn to this person you’ll receive unequivocal support and compassion.”

Linda Lowen – check out full article on About.Com

Hopefully it doesn’t require the passing of a dear friend to help us women acknowledge the incredible blessing and the countless benefits of female friendship. Our goal at Girlfriendology is to raise our awareness of and appreciation for the amazing women in our lives – whether they’re our special friends, the women we may or may not know who make our/others’ lives better and even public hero’s like Elizabeth Edwards.

There is an unspoken, sometimes under-appreciated intimacy among women. We ‘get’ each other and our lives. We know the common challenges, recognize our our far-too-frequent fears and sympathize with sources of stress. We speak the same language – of a caring child to an aging parent, or a loving mother, a supportive sister and/or a faithful friend. We feel each others’ pain, learn from other women and, in a perfect world, pull together to improve the collective state of women.

Hopefully, using Linda’s words again, we’ll ‘receive unequivocal support and compassion’ between women, and look for ways to make each others’ lives the best they can be.

Thanks Elizabeth Edwards, thanks Dana, thanks Allison, thanks to all the friends who imprint your permanent stamp on our lives. You are our heros.

What girlfriend do you need to appreciate a little more? Recognize for her wonderful friendship?

And, thanks LINDA for sharing insights into women and female friendship. I’m so glad we have our girlfriends – like you!

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