Feeling Girlfriend Gratitude quoteFeeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. William Arthur Ward

How’s your girlfriend gratitude?

Have you seen the movie ‘Love Actually‘? (It actually is one of our Girlfriendology favorite chick flicks!) It’s a romantic comedy based on several relationships – from a grieving husband and his son, to a wife dealing with her husband’s infidelities, to a couple who meet while working in the ‘adult film’ industry (which was a bit gratuitous to me at first, but eventually I came to over look it for the stories) and several other relationships. It’s extremely well-written and thought-out. You don’t realize it until the end, but all the relationships are intertwined in some way.

Hold that thought while we consider this …

My BFF Cathy won an award today (Top Ten Women in Dayton Ohio). I drove up to attend the awards lunch and was so happy for the recognition she received for her contribution to numerous non-profits and activities in her region. She could have talked about all the time she spends in committees, how she’s allocated millions of dollars for her company’s foundation and her tireless volunteerism. But she didn’t. Not Cath. She, being the gracious and consummate speaker, took her few moments to talk by focusing on other women who have supported and inspired her along the way (including her beautiful mom who was a past recipient – those humanitarian genes!).

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We all intertwine in some way. The kindness I receive from a stranger could have been inspired by a good deed you did. The smile on a store clerk’s face could ease your holiday stress so you are more generous at the Salvation Army kettle. The thoughtful gift you give a friend might inspire her to be a better friend to her friends.

Cath obviously ‘gets’ this. She knows that she couldn’t win the award without the support and friendship of others who work alongside her to improve her community. She recognizes that women have inspired her and brought out the best in her. She knows to appreciate and acknowledge the women who have gone before to give her opportunities to excel.

We do, we intertwine. We don’t live in a cave, we live in a global community where we have ample opportunities to inspire and show appreciation.

Who do you inspire? Who inspires you? And for whom are you grateful?

At the holidays and throughout the year, let’s show gratitude and kindness – knowing that it will intertwine and inspire others. Let’s show patience and volunteer. Let’s be the kind of friend we’d love to have. Happy Holidays girlfriend. I’m thankful for YOU.

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