friendship fall autumn giftsHow was your Thanksgiving girlfriend? Did you show some girlfriend gratitude?

Not just in November for Thanksgiving, but all year ’round, it’s a wonderful thing to feel and show gratitude. Did you show some girlfriend gratitude over Thanksgiving?  We hope so!

We’d like to share a little girlfriend gratitude for some wonderful women who bless our lives with blogs, recipes, ideas and overall INSPIRATION  with these girlfriend recommendations (a weekly feature here on Girlfriendology, usually on Friday’s but, hey!, it was a holiday weekend!):

* 5 Tips to make your Holidays More Sane – Great girlfriend advice from Molly of the wonderful girlfriend ‘trio’ Cooking with Caitlin. (Plus, they’re our guests on this week’s interview – Friday at 2:00pm ET – LISTEN IN!)

* Thankfulness in Review – Surviving a tough year, blogger Kelly shares the lessons and thoughts from her Thanksgiving (the first without her boyfriend ‘Farmboy’). Nice post to remind us of what’s important and why we need our friends around.

* Thanksgiving Leftovers – In case you still have some turkey around or just want some creative culinary inspiration, check out BlogHer’s recipes for tasty turkey leftovers. It might even cause you to go buy another turkey and cook it up!

* The Daily - This is a cool service that pulls together popular blog posts from our all our girlfriends’ blogs and puts them in a daily ‘newspaper. I love seeing all the great women and their blogs listed here!

* Chris Brogan ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ – I know “Chris” could be a female (since I generally stick with girlfriend recommendations of ‘girlfriends’) but Chris Brogan, if you don’t already know, is a pretty BIG deal in the social media marketing world. He’s a super nice guy (that I’ve had the honor to meet) and did a nice little ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ video that I thought worthy of sharing. If you’re at all interested in social media, you probably already follow him. If you don’t, you should.

* Network of Friends – Diversity and Numbers! – Janice, aka JP, shared this great blog about where her friendships originated and how much she appreciates her friends. I have no doubt – NO DOUBT! – that she herself is a great friend. She’s maintained a bunch of fabulous friendships and inspires others to connect with friends as well.

Any girlfriends’ businesses, blogs, info you’d recommend to a friend? SHARE! Thanks girlfriend!

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