Daylight Savings Time … What could you do with that extra hour?

Friendship Woman with ClockGood morning girlfriend! How’s that extra hour today?

Did you remember to ‘fall back’ today? Gotta love that ‘extra hour’ that we get each Fall for Daylight Savings Time. It’s the only day of the year that we get an extra hour to do whatever we want. Let’s all say it together: whoo hoo!

Okay girlfriends, so what do you do with that extra hour?

We have a couple ‘FRIENDly suggestions’ for that extra hour today!

1. Call your friends – We designate Sundays as ‘phone a friend’ day. Why not spend that extra hour today calling up maybe old friends you haven’t spoken to in a while? Or spend time with some new friends. It doesn’t matter which, just remember to spend time with the amazing people who love you and bless your lives with their friendship.

2. Send Cards - When was the last time, okay – aside from your birthday, that you received a card from a friend? A real, hand-written card? It’s kinda nice, isn’t it? Why not stop by Target or Hallmark and pick up some girlfriend-ly cards and send notes to your best friends. It’s pretty easy to do and means so much to them. Want to add an inspirational quote? We’ve got them! If you don’t know their address, check out Just send a card. A few words can say so much.

3. Go for a Walk with a Friend – I love those walk/talks where I get to exercise and catch up with a friend. It makes the miles just melt away and conversations keep me going so much that I don’t want to stop! Why not call up a friend and go for a walk? Get healthier and closer. It’s a wonderful thing – especially in Fall when it’s still nice enough to be hanging out with a girlfriend outside.

4. Facebook notes/Emails to your Friends – Facebook and email make it so easy to stay in touch. Send a note to your fave friends and tell them why they’re you’re fave friends! Or just say ‘Hi – what’s up?’ Just stay in touch with your friends. They’re worth that, right?

5. Make a Girlfriend Gift – If you’re crafty or even if you’re not, it’s kinda fun to give something that you made to a friend. Make a card, jewelry, scarf for a friend. They’ll treasure it – forever! (Here’s some ideas on girlfriend gifts to make.) Or, if you’re more into culinary crafts, what friend would love to have a surprise treat you baked for her? Go for it girlfriend!

6. Take a Class Together – My girlfriend Allison recently joined my gym. We’ve had a walk/talk date on the treadmills and taken a few classes together which MAKES us show up for class and makes it much more fun. (We totally made faces at each other during a tough weights/abs class that kicked our butts!) Call up a friend and make plans for a class or get together and workout to a DVD. It’s much more fun with a friend!

What are you doing with your extra hour today? How can you spend it with a friend?

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