Month of Friendship, Day 22 – Coffee with a Girlfriend

Coffee with a Girlfriend – isn’t it the best way to start the day?

coffee with a friendActually, starting the day with a friend, with or without caffeine, is a pretty great day. Today we’re looking at yet another way to reconnect with old friends or bond with new friends in this Month of Friendship, and it just starts the day with a friend.

My girlfriends Jill and Becky used to meet with me every Friday morning just to catch up. We’d share coffee and conversation that only girlfriends could share – our lives, thoughts, fears and seeing us through tough times like Jill losing her job (but YEAH! she has a new one!) to really sad realities like Becky losing her sweet husband Bruce to cancer last Thanksgiving. That’s what girlfriends do, we share our lives – and sometimes over a cup of our favorite beverage.

So today’s Month of Friendship challenge is pretty easy. Just meet a friend for a coffee, or tea, or wine, or porch time. Just spend some quality time together talking, sipping coffee and just doing life- together.

I really, really miss those Friday mornings with Becky and Jill. Unfortunately, new jobs for both of them have changed our schedule and we’re still trying to figure that out. But I totally recommend having a regular schedule for catching up with girlfriends. Every Saturday morning for coffee or each Friday afternoon for a margarita. Find some ‘excuse’ to get together on a regular basis -for a little coffee and conversation. Get in the habit of spending time together. You’ll be so glad you did.

And then check out these other ways to connect with your friends and share what you’ve done/learned about staying in touch with the amazing women in your life … starting with just having a coffee together!

Days 1-21 of our Month of Friendship:


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