Month of Friendship, Day 16: Get a Mani/Pedi Together

Friendship Girlfriend ToesNeed a little girlfriend time? And maybe some pampering?

Spending time with our girlfriends is perhaps the most wonderful experience of female friendship. The way that we communicate and share is unique to our friendship. Sometimes we laugh, we share, cry, laugh some more or walk side-by-side in silence. Always we connect like no other relationship and feel all the benefits that female friendship provides.

We’re exploring lots of ways, during our Month of Friendship, to reconnect with old friends and build into new friendships. Today’s girlfriend advice: get a mani/pedi together.

How is that building into friendships? Well, we girls generally like a little pampering, right? We also all love time with our friends. Combining the two is, well ,,, just ‘efficient’ – not to mention fun! It is the perfect opportunity to sit side-by-side, enjoy the experience and talk about all kinds of silly things like TV, People Magazine, kids and all the fab conversations we have when we’re just hanging with our friends.

We got a few tips from our girlfriends (and added some ourselves) for making this a perfect way to spend an hour or two together:

  • Jennifer shared this great girlfriend advice: “I bring my own polish for pedi’s. That way I know I’ll have a color I like and if I get a chip, I can easily fix it instead of running back for a whole new pedi.” (Thanks – love that one!)
  • @ShaynaBurns tweeted: “Salon with a friend! I don’t find idle chat with strangers relaxing, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to.” (I agree!)
  • Pick a slow day for the manicure and/or pedicure – often the rates may be lower on a Monday or Tuesday and it will be less crowded so you can definitely sit together and feel like you can take your time a little more.
  • Make it a Pedi Party – Schedule a salon for multiple manicure or pedicures and invite a bunch of your girlfriends. Many spas will let you bring in snacks and beverages. Make it a party or host a shower in a spa.
  • Give each other Manicures and Pedicures - You don’t have to go to a spa. You can save money and have your own snacks and music by doing the spa treatments at home. Buy some manicure/pedicure tools/kits (or dig some out of your own nail supplies), get your favorite polish, remover, soaking dishes, etc. and take turns pampering the other. (Here’s info on how to do your own manicure/pedicure.)

Just have fun with it and spend time with your girlfriends! Share your mani/pedi stories and advice too!

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