Friendship girlfriendsDon’t you love when you pick up the phone and hear your BFFs voice?

I do. Especially when I expect it will be a sales call or regarding work. I love hearing a welcomed ‘Hello!’ on the other side of the call and knowing that I can relax and catch up with my favorite female friend. Love it!

Getting a call from a friend is the next best thing to being with her. Just chatting about our day, catching up on big and little stuff, hearing her laugh or being there for each other when we share tears – it’s one of the very cool things about friendship. We’re completely comfortable sharing life and some time together on a call.

For Day 5, we’re making it really, REALLY easy for you to celebrate this Month of Friendship.

All you have to do is phone a friend. Call up an old friend – someone you haven’t spoken with in years or weeks. Or phone a new girlfriend – just surprise her by letting her know that you’re interested in her life and want to stay in touch. Have a friend who’s dealing with grief, cancer, separation, losing a pet or a parent? Those are all terrible, tough situations where you really do need a friend. Call her. Ask how she’s doing. Tell her how much you care. And, if you can, make plans to see each other soon.

Thanks for joining us in the Month of Friendship. Here are Days 1-4 and keep coming back for daily celebrations of this Month of Friendship with Girlfriendology!

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9 Responses to Month of Friendship – Day 5, Phone a Friend!

  1. ZippyChix says:

    Love this site!!! Girlfriendology is a great concept….what would we do without this vital link in our life? I love when a friend phones me, it is such a welcome part of my day. Just catching up or chatting about things past and present always helps me to put perspective on my life. Heres to all of the girlfriends in our life:)

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