Friendship girlfriends Carole and DebbaIt’s Thankful Thursday in this Month of Friendship!

My friend Carole is awesome (left in photo). Recently she’s been through ‘stuff’ (medical and relationship not-so-fun stuff), yet she comes out of it with her passionate personality and super-sized heart fully engaged. She embraces life on a daily basis with joy and this amazing robust energy. It’s kinda like a B12 shot just to be around her!

Unfortunately, I don’t get to be around her very often. We live about an hour from each other. This past weekend we shared a cup of coffee and a fun conversation – and not virtually, face-to-face where we could share hugs, conversations and smiles. She’s that kind of friend with whom you pick up where you left off. She’s also the kind of friend who goes out of her way to be my ‘cheerleader’ and assist me in reaching my goals (like her blog about our recent Biz commercial – Thanks Carole!)

I’m grateful for my friend Carole and for our friendship that doesn’t change even when addresses, jobs and life ‘stuff’ do.

We’re on Day Two in our celebration of a ‘Month of Friendship‘ and we’re celebrating friendship today by chatting about ‘girlfriend gratitude.’ and ways to express that appreciation for friends.

The first step in the girlfriend gratitude process is to stop for a moment and recognize the amazing women in your life.

Who brings energy and excitement into your life? What friend can make you laugh just when you thought you were going to cry? Who is the first person you call when you’ve got news to share? Does she know how much her friendship means to you?

Gratitude is great, but if left unexpressed, it doesn’t give joy or spread to others. If we don’t recognize and act on our feelings of appreciation, we can take things and people for granted. Not a good friendship scenario.

Today, BIG day two of this Month of Friendship, identify one friend who has made a difference in your life. Select a friend from whom you’ve possibly learned important lessons. Choose a BFF who is there for you, who makes you feel comfortable with them and yourself, whom you know wants the best for you and will support you no matter what.

Now, let’s come up with a way to show some girlfriend gratitude. If you’re a blogger, you could write about her* and the things you appreciate about her (like I did for my friend Carole). If you’re an artist or crafter, get creative in your expression of gratitude – make her a card, a painting, or any type of handmade girlfriend gift. For those of you who love to bake/cook, make her a cake or dinner. Invite her to lunch and give her a card that will make her cry -in a good way! (-: Call her up and tell her how much her friendship means to you. Or email her with the three top things you love about being her friend. Find a creative way of showing your appreciation.

Express your girlfriend gratitude. Celebrate this Month of Friendship with us by making steps toward being a better friend.

Please share your thoughts and stories below and on our Facebook friends page. You’ll inspire others and we’ll spread girlfriend gratitude

* If you blog about your girlfriend gratitude, let us know! We’ll link to it and possibly publish it on Girlfriendology!

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16 Responses to Month of Friendship – Day 2: Girlfriend Gratitude

  1. I connected with a girlfriend of mine I hadn’t spoken too for 22 years! She found me through Facebook, and it was the most wonderful experience talking on the phone after such a long time. We had so much to share, and yet we just picked up where we left off, like no time had passed.Although I am good at nurturing my friendships, it made me realise just how important friends who share a history with you are.

  2. I was able to connect with a few girlfriends that I haven’t spoken with in over 20 years. One was Kristi, my elementary and jr. high school best friend and Dena who was a best friend of mine in my teens. I am so thankful for facebook as it has brought us together again. I plan on staying on touch forever. We have so many good memories together and I want to hold on to them! I love you guys.. or should I say gals..haha.

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