FRIENDSHIP Girlfriendology Book Club AugustAre you the kind of friend you’d love to have? Here are five great ways to be a great friend:

Shared by our girlfriend author (and great interview!) CATHIE BECK, author of “Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship” (which just happens to be our August Girlfriendology Book Club book!)

1. Make a conscious decision to listen. Meet a friend for lunch, a glass of wine – whatever – and, before you arrive, decided it’s going to be “her night.” Let her talk about herself all night long. We all need that now and again.

2. When a friend’s in crisis, try and think of what you can do to give them the tiniest bit of comfort – for them – NOT fix their problems, not advise them, … just something that, no matter how miserable they are, will bring them a tiny smile. Treat them to a massage. Take them a Boston Chicken dinner. Suggest a bubble bath and an hour of Patsy Cline for the evening.

3. Totally surprise a friend.
Buy her a pair of beautiful shoes – for the hell of it. Offer to organize and host her birthday party. Call her and tell her that you’re taking her kids for an afternoon or evening – immediately – and that you won’t take no for an answer.

4. Remind her of all of her exceptional qualities
. Make sure you give her TEN of them. Make sure they are sincere.

5. Thank her. Thank her for that favor she did you. Thank her for being funny. Thank her for all the time she’s managed to find for YOU.

THANK YOU CATHIE for sharing these reminders and ways to be a better friend!

What other great ways can you be a great friend?

(And start reading “Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship” by Cathie Beck for our August Girlfriendology online Book Club!)

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