Girlfriends help make Dreams a Reality

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What makes you happy? What do you dream about accomplishing?

Do your girlfriends know your hopes and dreams? Do you share your goals and ideas with the wonderful women in your life?

You might want to! As your friend, we want to share in your dreams (and celebrating when we reach our dreams!). With the support of our girlfriends, as well as their ideas, connections and assistance, we are more equipped to achieve our goals and see our dreams become a reality!. Accountability girlfriends can help us stay on track and offer suggestions. Girlfriend groups (like an entrepreneurial group or a blogger network), can give us the power of a team even when we’re going it alone. We can accomplish amazing things with the support and encouragement of girlfriends!

Want some proof? Check out how blogger JANNA ANTENORCRUZ‘s girlfriends have helped her reach her dreams! (And join us on Friday as we interview Janna on our Girlfriendology BlogTalkRadio show, 2-2:30pm EST, July 16th.)

Girlfriends Helped Me Make My Dream a Reality

Without girlfriends I never would have started my new blog Mommy’s Piggy TALES.

It all started in January 2010 when I had a rough idea for a new blog or meme inspired by my grandmother, and I asked my girlfriend Melissa if we could meet at Barnes and Noble to discuss the idea. I treated her to a blond brownie and Jones soda and then picked her brain. I needed help choosing a name for the project but couldn’t come up with a name I liked. We decided to walk around the children’s book section for inspiration, and after about ten minutes Melissa said, “Piggy Tales?”

I immediately thought of a picture I had of me in piggy tales and thought it was perfect name with it’s double meaning. I want my daughter to know her mommy once wore piggy tails just like she does as I share the tales from my life.

I attended Blissdom in February and met some girlfriends who loved to blog just like me. Meeting other women who understood my passion for something that took more time than a hobby and could have the potential for generating some income was wonderful.

During March and April I called my blogger girlfriends Tamara, Amber, and Mary to see what they thought of my top secret idea, and if they had heard of any other blogs like it. I also asked them for any advice they had for pursuing my blog concept. I sent emails as well to several close blogger girlfriends like Kim and Carrie.

They all had different perspectives and helpful tips, but they all had one thing in common. They all said “Go for it!” I then contacted Jo-Lynne, a blog designer, and took action on all the talking I’d been doing. When the design was finished, I called on all my online girlfriends to participate in Mommy’s Piggy Tales.

And now here we are July 2010 with a group of 45 girlfriends recording our youth together each week. We started on June 10 sharing our birth stories and how we got our names, and we are working our way up to age eighteen. We record a few memories from each year of our life once a week and this week we wrote about fourth grade.

These girls have shared their stories with me, and made my life richer. It’s pretty hard to hear someone’s life stories and not be moved and feel a certain connection with them.

I have cried, laugh out loud, and gotten chills reading their stories. Their stories have such value and I feel humbled to have had a small part in facilitating a blog to help them be heard, and preserve their story for generations both now and later. Record YOUR Youth in 15 posts or vlogs, Second session begins October 7, 2010.
Twitter: @AdventureMomJ and Janna also blogs at

Thanks Janna!

What are YOUR dreams? Do your girlfriends know them? How do they help you in your journey to live your best life and reach your dreams?

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