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Today’s creative ideas for being a better friend!

Several years ago I worked in the craft/hobby industry.
  • Was it fun to receive and work with lots of creative products? (And does my basement still look like a mini Michaels?!) Sure.
  • Did I enjoy being on HGTV (with the creative and kind Carol Duvall, shown below), QVC and PBS? Definitely.
  • Was writing a book something I got to check off my dream board? Yep.

Jill Mackay and Debba HaupertBut, by far, the best thing about it was the creative girlfriends I met and the lasting friendships I made with some amazing women like my BFF Jill (shown here) – a superstar designer, plus girlfriends Katie Hacker, Lisa, Vicki, Renee (see below!) and many more!

Together girlfriends come up with creative solutions, create new ways to inspire each other and find fun ways to be a better friend.

Join us on Girlfriendology for a creative approach to friendship and inspiration for being a better friend because life really is better together with your girlfriends!

Put on your Walking Shoes … with your Girlfriends!Wildwater Walking Club

My girlfriend Terri is enjoying  this month’s Girlfriendology Book Club book and so am I – are you?! It’s not only fun to read, but it’s inspiring me to get walking (and talking!) with my girlfriends! If you haven’t picked it up yet, there’s still time to read Wildwater Walking Club, this month’s Girlfriendology Book Club book.

Mark your calendar for Memorial Day Night! Monday, May 31st, 7-9pm EST when we’ll chat online about this book with the fabulous author Claire Cook! And stop by Girlfriendology (and our Facebook page) to recommend books for some summer reading and our June/July Book Clubs!

Want some girlfriend-recommended books and gifts? Check out our Book Club Book Store!

Carol Duvall and Debba HaupertLast week on Girlfriendology …

* Be a better friend – host a creative girlfriend get-together! Girlfriends make us more creative – so why not get-together with your friends, create and have fun with your friends?! We’ve been talking about how girlfriends make us more creative this week on Girlfriendology, as well as creatively helping each other express our dreams and strive to reach them … Read More »

* Be a better friend – help your girlfriend’s dreams come true! We just talked about how girlfriends make us more creative, now we’re exploring how to make those creative dreams come true – with our girlfriends! Our girlfriends know all the important ‘stuff’ about us – from the simple things like what makes us laugh, to our personal preferences and style, our favorite celebrities and TV shows, to deeper thoughts on life and love. Female friends know and remember our birthday (but graciously forget our age). They may know we’re on a diet but they’d never begrudge us a brownie. And, they know when an … Read More »

* What to be more creative? Spend time with your girlfriends! I’m blessed with creative girlfriends. They love knitting, scrapbooking, painting, jewelry-making and anything involving glitter and glue! They have artsy homes and wear funky clothing. I’ve seen certifiable creative women who dress only in their signature color. My friend Cindy loves purple – A LOT. She wears purple clothing, jewelry and even purple mascara – now that’s creative in my opinion! (And how can I not think of her when I see anything purple while shopping?!) Some of my girlfriends don’t consider themselves ‘creative.’ They are more … Read More »

* Cincinnati Women’s Events – for my Cincy girlfriends! Stop by Kenwood Mall TODAY and visit their Indie Designer temporary store located across from Victoria Secret. My girlfriend TINA DELORENZO will be there with her fabulous pillows! Tina is a pillow and interior designer and has beautiful pillows that can make a room. Check out her Etsy site and website. Plus, visit girlfriend HEATHER from the fab gift shop Nest (in Oakley).  Also, just a reminder for all you Cincinnati girlfriends, the “LOL LIVE Savings Summit” is THIS SATURDAY! Join us – May 15th, 10am  – 3pm. Tickets are free but you need to … Read More »

Cooking With Caitlin FNI
#FNI = FOODIES NIGHT IN – We’re talking FOOD with our friends on this weekly Twitter party hosted by Cooking with Caitlin every Monday 4-6pm EST. Just follow #FNI on Twitter. Then add your comments, questions, recipes and tips in 140 characters or less. Join us! (And yes, it is possible to share a recipe in a tweet!)

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Girlfriendology BlogTalkRadio guest: LAURIE TURK, Tip Junkie!

Laurie Turk, Tip JunkieThis is the perfect week to have our creative, kind and inspiring guest!

Meet LAURIE TURK – Mom of three boys, Owner of Tip, and partner in Chic Chick  Basically: Cruise Director for her family and all around girly-girl.

We’re wrapping up our week of ‘creative’ girlfriend advice with this friend who, like so many of us, is a Tip Junkie! She’s got lots of creative tips on crafty solutions, organization secrets, decorating details and more – and she’ll share them with us TODAY at 2:00pm EST! (11am PST) Don’t miss the tips! LISTEN IN!

Thanks SANDY JENNEY, aka: ‘Organizer Sandy,’ or your great organization tips and girlfriend advice you shared on our last BlogTalkRadio show. Want to be more organized? Listen in!

Creative Gifts for Creative Girlfriends

Women are just created to be creative! We can tie a scarf in 14 different ways, make dinner from a freezer of mystery meat and a can of veggies, and we can accessorize to make heads turn when we enter the room! So, give a girlfriend gift that shows how much your admire her creative flair! Zolo creative girlfriend gift

May the Sun Shine - Girlfriend BlessingIf you’ve got girlfriends – YOU’RE BLESSED! Show your girlfriend gratitude with these “Girlfriend Blessing” gifts.

Girlfriendology Girlfriend Gifts – Perfume, jewelry and more. Exclusive Girlfriendology gifts, all made in the U.S. and great ways to remind her how much her friendship means to you.

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Send Out Cards and never even leave your laptop! It’s a great way to stay in touch and promote you/your business

Note: Girlfriendology is funded by affiliate shopping – so shop away! (Please, for your girlfriends?!)Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology

Surprise Package

Just a normal shipping envelope filled with a ‘recycled gift.’ Not for my birthday or a special occasion and from a girlfriend (Renee – we used to do QVC together) whom I haven’t seen in a few years.

Renee send me a couple friendship books she found at Goodwill along with a sweet note about Girlfriendology and our friendship. Wow – talk about a cherished gift from a cherished friend. It made me cry. Thanks Renee for your friendship, inspiration, thoughtfulness and for knowing that I would LOVE it – because it came from you!

It’s simple, it can be cheap/free, it can be just a note or a hug. It doesn’t take a lot to be a better friend.

Who do you need to surprise with a fun package? (Maybe visit Goodwill and see what potential girlfriend gifts inspire you!)

Girlfriend – Be a Renee! Show your friends how much their friendship means to you! And … be a better girlfriend!

Debba Haupert, Girlfriendology founder

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