Creatively Dream with your Girlfriends

Be a better friend – help your girlfriend’s dreams come true! Vision board, dream board

We just talked about how girlfriends make us more creative, now we’re exploring how to make those creative dreams come true – with our girlfriends!

Our girlfriends know all the important ‘stuff’ about us – from the simple things like what makes us laugh, to our personal preferences and style, our favorite celebrities and TV shows, to deeper thoughts on life and love. Female friends know and remember our birthday (but graciously forget our age). They may know we’re on a diet but they’d never begrudge us a brownie. And, they know when an outfit is new and we’re having a good hair day. Don’t you love that about girlfriends?!

Other things they should know, if you share it with them, are your hopes and dreams. More important than all the aspects of our life, our dreams define us. Our goals and aspirations are the true fibers of our dreams and the important elements of ourselves which we generally only share with the closest of friends whom we can trust with our deepest secrets and plans.

Do you and your girlfriends share your dreams with each other? If so, we can be a better friend if we encourage each other and even hold each other accountable for reaching for those dreams.

A fun and creative way to have meaningful discussions and to share our hopes and dreams is by creating “DREAM BOARDS” together. Start by inviting one or more girlfriends over for a time of sharing and creating. Since this can be a very personal experience, make sure everyone is comfortable with each other and with exposing their dreams to the group.

(Shown here are pictures of my Dream Board. Above: I want to “allow, encourage and assist others to DREAM.” To the left, I believe there is BEAUTY in girlfriends taking care of each other, laughing together, spending time together, sharing stories, secrets and their souls, etc.)

Vision board there is beautyHow to create a Dream Board with your girlfriends: If you’re the creative one, so have materials on hand for each girlfriend to create her own Dream Board. I started with a colored file folder so I could easily transport it and also display it in my studio/home office. Cut images from magazines, use stickers and other scrapbook supplies, embellish with beads or ribbons, use words/images off your computer – every element helping to tell the story of who they are and what they dream of.

Once you’ve created your Dream Board share it with your girlfriends and discuss your goals and dreams – they’ll be your cheerleaders in reaching them! And display your board where you can see it often and be reminded everyday to go after your dreams. Be a better friend: when you or your girlfriends reach one of your goals, celebrate that together! Isn’t it great reaching for your dreams and having girlfriends?!

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