Women Volunteer

Who inspires you?

Cheryl collects left-over bread from a bagel store and re-packages it for a homeless shelter. Jennifer employs women in South Africa to create jewelry, sells it and then returns the profits to their community and AIDS Hospice. Connie started a non-profit and raised money to build an orphanage in Tanzania and visits the children as often as she can.

These women inspire me. They challenge me to do something!

That’s what girlfriends do- they inspire, teach, lead and make life better. It’s National Volunteer Week – which friends should you thank for how they make the world a better place? Which girlfriends inspire you?

Show your girlfriend gratitude. Say thanks. Maybe even go volunteer – together. Be a better friend Life really is better together with your girlfriends!

Such a Beautiful Face – Yes, YOU!

Don’t you love how girlfriends make you feel beautiful? How you genuinely smile and feel so relaxed when you’re with your friends?

Now’s your chance to share (and show off how beautiful you and your girlfriends are!) in our APRIL CONTEST. Post your BEAUTIFUL girlfriend pictures on our Flickr or Facebook pages and you can win this NEW Girlfriendology hat. Here’s the info.

You can also win a copy of next month’s Book Club book (Wildwater Walking Club- the brand new paperback version!)! Go for it girlfriend!The Help

What are you doing MONDAY NIGHT?

Join us for our APRIL GIRLFRIENDOLOGY BOOK CLUB! We’re reading THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett and it’s going to be a great discussion. Basically we all get online, on Girlfriendology.com, and chat about the book. Easy, fun and you can wear whatever you want!

It’s THIS MONDAY April 26th, 7-9pm EST. Sign up on Facebook and find out more about  the Girlfriendology online Book Club.

MAY BOOK CLUB: We’re excited that author Claire Cook (author of “Must Love Dogs“) will join us online to chat about WILDWATER WALKING CLUB, May 31st. Save the date!

Want recommendations for YOUR Book Club? Check out our NEW Book Club Book (& girlfriend gifts) Store!

Earth DayLast week on Girlfriendology …

* Earth Day Girlfriend Advice … Or “Is my carbon footprint smaller if I’m in heels?” Be a girlfriend to Mother Nature! We marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by asking you for your tips on being environmentally FRIENDly. As women who care about each other (and our families, our kids’ kids, and people we share this planet with), isn’t it our duty to be a girlfriend to Mother Nature? Read more …

*  Mother’s Day, Moms and Non-Moms? Mother’s Day is coming and it’s a great time to celebrate the amazing women who juggle jobs, turn houses into homes and who are allowed to spit on a napkin and clean off our faces! (Sorry, but you know it’s true!) And … can moms and non-moms be girlfriends? Can I, as a non-mom, relate to moms and can they relate to me?(We had lots of comments on our Facebook page about this one!) Read more …

Celebrating Girlfriends and National Volunteer Week. National Volunteer Week celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things to transform their communities. What girlfriends inspire you? Read more …

*  CINCINNATI GIRLFRIENDS – Do you love girlfriend time AND saving money? Join us for a FREE, fun, friend-filled and frugal day with Cincinnati.com’s LOL (Locals on Living) Bloggers.Saturday, May 15th – sign up before all the tickets run out! Read more …

* Yearning for some BFF TimeRobin Gorman Newman (last week’s BlogTalkRadio guest) shared this guest blog about what ‘girlfriend time means to her.’ Need some BFF time, like Robin? Read more …

Plus …

Cooking With Caitlin FNI#FNI = FOODIES NIGHT IN – Love to talk about Food?! JOIN US on this weekly Twitter party hosted by our girlfriends at Cooking with Caitlin every Monday 4-6pm EST. Just follow #FNI on Twitter. Then add your comments, questions and tips in 140 characters or less. Join us!

Girlfriendology FacebookhSometimes you just need a little break, right? And sometimes you need to share it with a friend? Stop by our Facebook page every weekday for a funny, inspiring or creative video lunch break like this one. Plus we’re sharing inspiring quotes, girlfriend gift links and fun updates. Over 2800+ fabulous females there – are you?!

Girlfriendology LinkedIn GroupShare you and your business on the Girlfriendology LINKEDIN group. Together we can reach our dreams and celebrate our successes! Post your questions, discussions and business introductions. We want to know you!

Girlfriendology BlogTalkRadio guest: SARAH WALLER, Sweet Libertine

Sarah Waller Sweet LibertineRemember sharing make-up tips with your girlfriends when you were a teenager? Do you still share make-up tips? We’re going to get expert girlfriend advice from this week’s BlogTalkRadio Show guest – SARAH WALLER. Sarah started her own company, Sweet Libertine, making mineral make-up and has grown the business with her friends and new products. Want to ask a great girlfriend for some make-up advice? Call or chat your questions – Join us TODAY 2-2:30pm EST (11am PST) at BlogTalkRadio.

Thanks ROBIN GORMAN NEWMAN for sharing great girlfriend advice on dating, relationships and ‘motherhood later.’ Listen to Robin’s advice on last week’s BlogTalkRadio show.

Girly-Girl Girlfriend GiftsPashmina girlfriend gift

We’re talking make-up on our BlogTalkRadio show so let’s keep the girly-girl vibe going with these girly-girl girlfriend gifts:

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Note: Girlfriendology is funded by affiliate shopping – so shop away! (Please, for your girlfriends?!)

Debba Haupert, founder of GirlfriendologyGood Girlfriend Advice

Last week in our BlogTalkRadio interview with relationship and motherhood expert, Robin Gorman Newman, I asked what advice she most often gives/receives from mothers. Her answer? Don’t sweat the small stuff.As moms, women, girlfriends, employers, doctors, teachers and all the other host of titles we carry, it should be so simple to remember and easy to do – but it isn’t. It’s actually really hard – to let go of worries, to not dwell on little things someone might have said and to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s try it. Let’s treat ourselves like a great girlfriend – someone who sees our beauty and never notices our wrinkles. Let’s treat ourselves like the friend who loves us just as we are and who overlooks any silly little things that we personally worry about. Let’s be the kind of friend – to ourselves – that we’d love to have as a friend.

Try it. Post it on your mirror or cube wall. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And inspire your girlfriends as well to do the same. And report your ‘progress’ this week on Girlfriendology and our Facebook page.

Be a better friend – and have a “no sweat,” great week girlfriend!

Join us! Twitter/Girlfriendology, Facebook, LinkedIn and TODAY at 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST) for our great BlogTalkRadio interview! Check out what’s new on Girlfriendology!

p.s. And … be a friend to Girlfriendology! Share this blog with your girlfriends by clicking the Facebook LIKE button below and also, when you’re on our Facebook page, SHARE IT WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS. (Please?!) Thanks girlfriend!

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