Friendship CircleIt’s wonderful when women work together to promote and support each other. We’re honored to be in the company of great girlfriends and great girlfriend blogs.

As girlfriends, we recommend cool things to our friends – shopping sales, great books, tasty recipes, chick flicks and more. So, a few of us ‘girlfriend bloggers’ got together to introduce you to our friends – other women and their blogs who inspire women to be better friends.

In 2010 we formed the ‘Friendship Circle’ with four other female friendship blogs. We basically just support and promote each other – and that’s a very good thing! In 2011, we’ve revised the group to add in some new amazing women and their blogs/communities so, check out these girlfriend-ly blogs in this ‘Friendship Circle‘:

The Friendship Circle – Female Friendship Blogs

Check out these amazing women and the female friendship inspiration that they offer on a daily basis!

Thanks girlfriends! And special thanks to Dawn and Tina from Girlfriend Celebrations who were part of our founding members. (You’re still our girlfriends!)

p.s. They’re also featured here:

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26 Responses to The Friendship Circle | Female Friendship Blogs & BFFs

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  17. Cynthia says:

    My BFF of over 20 years, Melissa, and I are the forces behind Mommas Pearls and M’S Gems. Each week we tackle parenting and relationship issues from 2 sides of the same coin. My side being the spiritual/visionary side and Melissa’s being the practical/tools side. Thought you’d appreciate this Mommas Pearls post celebrating friendship entitled “A Friend A Day” :)

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  20. moms club says:

    This is nice and true blog… I have seen many moms club where moms leverage the knowledge of other moms who have been there and done that. Moms share their experience; ask for advice from fellow moms as well as to the expert.

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    Best and Kind Regards,
    Cassandra Harris
    Management- The Black Diamond Sanctuary
    “Celebrating Friendship Among Women World-wide in Luxury and Style”

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