Cincinnati Blogger Girlfriends – Share Frugal Advice and More

lol locals on living cincinnati bloggersIt’s Saturday and time for a Cincinnati girlfriend introduction blog.

Why? Well, it’s just something girlfriends like to do, right? We love to brag on our friends and let them know how special they are to us. And, even if you’re not in Cincinnati, these women just may inspire you!

First, I’m fortunate to be part of LOL – ‘Locals on Living.’ This group of local bloggers was brought together by Cincinnati Enquirer and has a special event coming. (That’s all the teaser you get, but I’d save the date of May 15th if I were you!) But we’ll have some great frugal info there!

So, here are some local girlfriends and bloggers who you need to know, read, follow and fan:

Andrea Deckard * ANDREA: SAVINGS LIFESTYLE - Girlfriend Andrea is inspiring! She talked with us recently on our BlogTalkRadio show about how to save money, use coupons and, as she says it, she wants to help you “save money on what you need so you can spend more on what you want.” Check out her blog for things like this Beginner’s Guide to Saving. (Shown here!)

* SHANNAN: MOMMYBITS.NET and FAMILY FRIENDLY CINCINNATI – How does Shannan do so much?! Shannan is passionate about being a mom, Cincinnati and social media – so she’s found a way to combine them all with her great sites. Family Friendly Cincinnati shares tons of info on kid-friendly events and places in the Cincinnati are. Shannan shares that blog with girlfriends Amy and Susan. Shannan is also one of the founders and organizers of Cincinnati Women Bloggers.

* STEPHANIE: CINCINNATI GARDENER – Meet my girlfriend Stephanie. Stephanie is passionate about growing things – and helping others do the same. She blogs about gardening, events and products for gardeners and just fun ‘green’ stuff.

* AMY: CINCY CHIC – Amy founded Cincy Chic, the only online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area. Her website, blog and fabulous events for females inspire us to hang out together and be better friends.

What blogs do you read? Share your recommendations (for Cincinnati or other places).

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