Angy Housewives Eating Bon Bons

NEW NEWS! Thanks HEALTHY CHOICE for sponsoring this month’s book club!

Join us for the March Girlfriendology Book Club – it’s going to be a great book and club!

Do you have a book club? Funny but one of the major components to about any women’s book club (that I’m aware of) is FOOD – and this book pick for our March Girlfriendology is about the food and the great girlfriends who make up this book so loved and special.

So, our March Girlfriendology Book Club book is: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, by Lorna Landvik.

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly says about ‘Angry Housewives …”:

From Publishers Weekly

Five friends live through three decades of marriages, child raising, neighborhood parties, bad husbands and good brownies-and Landvik (Patty Jane’s House of Curl) doesn’t miss a single cliche as she chronicles their lives in this pleasant but wholly familiar novel of female bonding. When Faith Owens’s husband is transferred from Texas to the “stupid godforsaken frozen tundra” of Freesia Court, Minn., in 1968, her life looks like it’s going to be one dull, snowy slog-until the power goes out one evening and a group of what appear to be mad women start a snowball fight in her backyard. These dervishes turn out to be her neighbors: antiwar activist Slip; sexpot Audrey; painfully shy Merit; and widow Kari. They become fast friends and decide to escape their humdrum routine by starting the Freesia Court Book Club, later given the eponymous name by one of their disgruntled husbands. As the years pass, Audrey and Merit get divorced, Kari adopts her niece’s illegitimate baby, all five of the women find work outside their homes and they even smoke a joint together. Their personal dramas are regularly punctuated by reflections on political milestones (“First Martin Luther King, Jr., then Bobby Kennedy. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with this stupid war…”). While some scenes are touching and genuinely funny, readers of Fannie Flagg, Rita Mae Brown, Rebecca Wells and many imitators will feel that they’ve seen this before.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

So, join us online (on the Girlfriendology community) to join your favorite women for the March Girlfriendology Book Club: Monday, March 29th, 7-9pm EST.


Here’s more on our previous Girlfriendology Book Clubs:

— “I really do write from a place in my heart and soul that belongs to all women – and sometimes it is so very easy to feel alone…scared…unsure I have been all those places and we all need to know we are not alone – and that we need to live our passion.!!!” from author KRIS RADISH

— “My very first spontaneous “pilgrimage” involved a trip from Ohio to Las Vegas for 5 days, seeing my favorite musical artist on New Year’s Eve, and it was all planned with a woman I had never met in real life! We met the month before our trip, had a wonderful time, and have traveled together since. My husband thought I had lost my mind!” one of our great book club women

— “Next Monday for International Women’s Day the women I told you who are my special friends will be in white and we will go to honor women at a quiet restaurant where we will laugh so much that it won’t be quiet for long.” (It’s that a great tradition?!)

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