Shrinky Dinks and Girlfriends! (and BlogHer, with smart women!)

In my creative past (in the craft and hobby industry), I attended several tradeshows for businesses in the creative industry. Often I shared a room with Lisa, Vicki, Phyllis – sometimes Jill, Marie and others. Never was there a trip where craft materials and tools weren’t part of the suitcase contents!

Since I was attending BlogHer (an event with smart, savvy women – see the Girlfriendology blog for more updates) this week and I want every woman to know about Girlfriendology, I made the above pendant to wear. And, like at the craft tradeshows (and usually accompanied by my creative roomies), I made it in the hotel room – the night before the event. Actually, this project took a little prep – I had to print off the words (Girlfriendology logo, Podcasts, Contests, etc.) on Shrinky Dink (white) and heat/shrink them before I left for the trip. Then I packed a clasp, yarn, beads and wire in my suitcase and off to NYC I went! In the hotel room, I put it all together for this pendant.

I think it created some buzz for Girlfriendology. I know it generated some conversations and the opportunity to spread the word about what Girlfriendology is and what I am doing to building a global girlfriend revolution! (Watch out world!)

In addition to Girlfriendology clothing and carrying my Girlfriendology “Stand by your man, but sit by your girlfriends” bag, I need to make some more creative jewelry to start the conversation with women on why they need to appreciate and celebrate their female friendships. You’re creative – any ideas?! Thanks Girlfriends!

p.s. I just wish some of my creative girlfriends had been there with me! (Even if you snore – Vicki and Jill!)

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