Elegant gathering of white snows by kris radish

I love when women connect.

I love when a friendship takes hold of us and leaves us different than before it happened. I love when we share, care and laugh. I am giddy when we learn from each other – I think ‘girlfriend advice’ is one of the many blessings of being a female. And, I love how we can share our lives and thoughts in a honest, open environment of acceptance.

That’s basically why I started Girlfriendology and also why we’ve now started a monthly Book Club. It’s an opportunity to meet and learn from each other. It’s an opportunity to connect, laugh together and form a common bond just by sharing our thoughts on a book.

Book Clubs are wonderful IRL (in real life), face-to-face, but not all of us can get together geographically. They’re a perfect way to have a discussion, and in doing so, share what things in our lives have shaped us and why we think the way we do.

We did our first book club in January and, to be honest with you, I wasn’t sure how it would go. Just like having a party at your house, I wondered if women would show up, if the discussion would flow easily and, basically, if it would be fun. We got lucky – women showed up, the conversation buzzed and it was actually very fun! It was a wonderful way to connect with women across the country on common ground - the reading of a book and discussing it. (We’ll have the discussion on the Girlfriendology web site here and add our comments. We’re not doing it on Twitter because we want all of our girlfriends to be able to join us but you’re welcome to tweet and share with your girlfriends!)

So, now we’re into month two and already several women have RSVP’d through our Facebook Fan Page and Event. Join us!

Kris Radish, author of Elegant Gathering of the White Snows, Girlfriendology Book Club BookThe book this month is one of my favorites – The Elegant Gathering of White Snows, by our favorite girlfriend author – Kris Radish. (Kris did our very first podcast interview, our first video interview and is such an amazing author and girlfriend who inspires women and our friendships.) And guess what it is about? Women connecting. Yep, it totally fits the Girlfriendology goal and focus – of inspiring women and friendships. (You have to read it! It’s great!! Makes me cry because it is so beautiful and touching.) Here’s the back cover description:

“Just after midnight in a small town in Wisconsin, eight women begin walking together down a rural highway. Career women, housewives, mothers, divorcees, and one ex-prom queen, they are close friends who have been meeting every Thursday night for years, sharing food, wine and their deepest secrets. But on this particular Thursday, Susan, Alice, Chris, Sandy, Gail, Mary, Joanne and Janice decide to disappear from their own lives.

Their spontaneous pilgrimage attracts national attention and inspires other women from all across the country. As the miles fall away and the women forge ahead on their back-roads odyssey – leaving small miracles in their wake – each of their histories unfolds, tales of shattered dreams and unexpected renewal, of thwarted love affairs and precious second chances.

In luminous, heartwarming prose, Kris Radish deftly interweaves the women’s intimate confessions into the story of their brave history-making walk. A breathtaking achievement, The Elegant Gathering of White Snows tells an incomparable tale of friendship and love, loss and liberation.”

I had a perfect morning reading the first third of the book today and was so happy to revisit this amazing story. It’s a look into friendships where sorrow is soften by the closeness of a friend. It’s amazing women who I want to know and definitely walk with. It’s a touching story that will make you rethink what’s important to you and may change your life permanently.

So, please join us online on Monday, March 1st from 7-9pm and come back and share where you are in the book. Join the Girlfriendology Book Club! Feel free to BYOB – bring your favorite beverage, book and whatever! AND, let us know what book you’d recommend for March. Thanks Girlfriends!

—————–Girlfriendology February Book Club sponsor: The Wine Sisterhood

2/22/10 – BIG NEWS! The February Book Club is being sponsored by our girlfriends at THE WINE SISTERHOOD!

So, pour a glass of wine and join us as we talk with these great women who love to talk, and drink, wine!


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7 Responses to Why a Girlfriendology Book Club? And why this book?

  1. Brenda M Jewell-Swartz says:

    I was very excited when I saw Elegant Gathering of the White Snows had been selected for the book club. I read it several yrs ago. It originally caught my eye because I am from WI., but the story was great, I loved the book! I would like to suggest author Claire Cooks for consideration. However, my favorite may not be in paperback just yet. The title is: White Water Walking Club and fits in splendly with the Girlfriendology motto~to connect girlfirends. Claire is on facebook and is one of the most genuine, & kind authors you might meet. I would be happy to contact her about book availability also. Good luck with this month’s get together on 3/1/10. Brenda

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