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Daily Inspiration, Girlfriendology styleOn our Girlfriendology Facebook fan page we asked our girlfriends for the favorite gifts you received or gave. (Thanks Tonynia, Julie, Wenell, Miller and Terri for sharing your best gifts!)

We’re talking about the best ‘present’ for this time of year in today’s Girlfriendology Daily Inspiration. Leave a comment of your best presents on this page or our Facebook page

Tuesday, December 29, 2009                                                   The best ‘present’

Girlfriendology“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That’s why we call it ‘The Present.’ ”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Girlfriend,

It’s that time again. The calendar is getting ready to switch over and we review the activities and lesson of the previous year. We also tend to ponder a bit more – of the past and the future.

What we don’t often do is consider our current life. We miss out on the moments. We don’t notice or appreciate the small, random acts of kindness like a stranger letting us in traffic or a compliment from a friend. We even ignore the special moments together with friends in anticipation of bigger gatherings or events in the future.

Unwrap the glorious gift of the present. Hold it at arms-length and celebrate the friendships, good fortune and fun memories you’re enjoying. And do your best to create those special moments, especially with your girlfriends (and help them to remember and enjoy them as well!). Life is short, too short. We need to enjoy each and every day for the lessons, gifts, friendships and moments they bring.

Celebrate ‘the present’ and the wonderful gift of friendship. Life really is better, together with your girlfriends!

Have a fun, friend-filled Tuesday!


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GirlfriendologyThe Year of Great Things for Girlfriends!

My friend Carole believes (and I believe Carole!) that years ending in even numbers are luckier. I’m counting on that theory for at least the next year!

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