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Anyone who is a friend of my friend JILL MACKAY, is a friend of mine! (I love Jill and am in awe of her creativity and amazing design talent!) Jill has talked about her friend, and fellow super talented designer, BRENDA PINNICK for months – how she is so wonderful and kind and helpful and … well, you get the picture.

Now, as girlfriends and girlfriend of girlfriends often do, I’ve become friends with Brenda through Jill and the Internet. In fact, Brenda just tagged me which means that she asked me for seven random or weird facts about myself. I’m not one to talk about me in this blog (it’s all about my girlfriends and other wonderful girlfriends), but what’s a girl to do? She asked, right?

So. Here goes:

1. I graduated from college barefoot and with a fake honors tassel. (I went barefoot a bunch in college, see #2, so I thought it was fitting.) Hey, at least I had clothes on under my gown!

2. I got frostbite on my feet in college. (See #1.) Ran 2 or so miles in the snow barefoot. Sober. Yep, it was for a guy who never had an interest in me. Had to be carried around to classes for a week.

3. Had drinks with Sheryl Crow. Nice person. She was dating a friend’s brother.

4. Once stayed at a hotel with a convention (or “confurence”) of “furbies.” (Strange people who have a fetish for stuffed animals!?) Too weird to talk about. (well, at least sober.)

5. I don’t play games – board games, card games, trivia, etc. My dad was a minister and we had to hang out with the ‘youth group’ every Sunday night and play games. My sister doesn’t either. We played enough growing up.

6. Love America’s Favorite Videos. People falling down, hitting each other around pinatas, doing silly things makes me giggle – a lot. Love it.

7. I was the fastest female walker in the Flying Pig Marathon in 2001. Since then, I’ve done six other half marathons – and never had to use a porta-let. Too much information, I know.

Okay, now I am supposed to ask seven other bloggers to participate. So, I’ll tag:

Capitola Girl – I just interviewed her for my podcast (to air March 23rd) and she is a wonderful jewelry designer and an inspiring woman!

Linda Peterson – crafty, creative guru and wonderful person! And her fun blog that she updates daily!

Sorry, I know that is only two but my computer is suffering extreme fatigue (seriously!) and won’t let me do much tonight. (And after I had a guy come clean it up today!) Plus, my other blogger buddies – Jill MacKay, Katie Hacker, Margot Potter, Robin Beam have already been tagged and my other blogger buddy/lawyer, Tammy Browning-Smith only focuses on legal insight on her blog.

So, creative girlfriends. Check out my creative girlfriends. Like meeting Brenda through Jill, you might come across a new girlfriend at one of their sites. You just never know!

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  1. Brenda Pinnick says

    Debba, you’ve got some interesting stories there! Someday we’ll meet in real life and I look forward to hearing more about these, especially the “stuffed animal fetish”…
    hugs and thanks for playing along!

  2. capitolagirl says

    Hi Debba, I got your tag today and decided to tag along some more! Thanks a bunch and have a great day :-)

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