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It’s not shoes (no matter how much we love them!, or jobs/titles (even when that’s a big part of our life/time), or the kind of car we drive (although I do love my dog-friendly car!). It’s about the little things. Life is about the special moments. And life is about …

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Monday, October 26, 2009                                         Just have to share …

“Life is about sharing.”
Yoko Ono

GirlfriendologyDear Girlfriend,

We’re not put on this planet to live in isolation. We are social beings and having a healthy community around us impacts our health, happiness, longevity, self-esteem and stress.

I know, sometimes sharing our lives with others is tough. It takes courage to reach out to a new friend, to share our thoughts and to let a person into our life.

Oh! Isn’t it worth it?! Not with every single person but with the special ones – those people with whom we connect, who energize us and who make us a better person just by knowing them.

Life is about sharing. Sharing time with our friends. Giving and receiving girlfriend gifts. Sharing ideas. Spending time together.

Girlfriend -  It’s Monday. Share some time this week with a friend. You’ll be glad you did!

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George Winston Autumn albumThings to Share …
A great thing to share with girlfriends are thoughtful gifts to remind her of you and your friendship, or even a trip you’ve taken together. So, here are a few seasonally-inspired gift ideas you might want to share with a great girlfriend or Thanksgiving host:

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