Kris Radish – the girlfriend author (IMHO)

Best-selling author Kris RadishI patronize nice people.

I eat at their restaurants if I think they’re kind to their employees. I buy products from people I know (like Possets Perfumes and Sweet Libertine). I frequent stores where they make me feel comfortable (like Nest and Casa DeLorenzo).

So, it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to an author who writes like I think – in relationships and meaningful friendships. And, especially since she was kind enough to grant me an interview (my first podcast) and to make time for me on her visit to Cincinnati for a book tour (my first video). She’s genuinely nice and I love that being a best-selling author hasn’t gone to her head. Here’s her update on life and her new book, The Shortest Distance Between Two Women. Thanks KRIS RADISH for being our BlogTalkRadio interview today and for sharing this:

My novels always celebrate the absolute necessity of female friendships and I have my mother to thank for showing me how to be a wonderful friend.I have dozens of lovely memories that center around watching my mother, Pat Radish, interact with her girlfriends. She would be on the phone, sitting on the porch, or the bridge club would be over….and nothing interfered with the bridge club.

When she was with her friends my mother’s entire being was also alive and happy. She laughed and sometimes cried and I think those were the moments when she was most true, most herself, most lost in the joy of living.

There was wine and martinis and the 1950’s-plus obligatory cigarettes and lots of food and laughter that still echoes throughout my entire life.

I had no idea I was taking Girlfriend Lessons back then – but I was – and I like to think that I have been a good student and that I have also been a good teacher for my own daughter.

I also know it is important for us to honor those relationships – and to sometimes put them first. It is important to celebrate and to make time and to pull away from the rigors of daily life and fall into the arms of a friend who just simply loves us no matter what we say or do. There really is no greater gift.

Somehow this celebration has turned into my life’s work. My novels – six-plus! showcase female friendships in a way that not only honors my life and its relationships but those long ago lessons my mother was teaching me.

And now my daughter, a college sophomore, is finding out what it means to have true friends who will go the distance – even when you have the flu, are broke, or simply need a really damn good cry.

Kris Radish is the author of six novels, and two books of non-fiction. Her latest novel, The Shortest Distance Between Two Women, was published in August by Bantam Dell. Her seventh novel, Hearts on a String will be available, also by Bantam, in June. A former full-time journalist, Radish is working on her eighth novel and several books of non-fiction. Find out more about her by visiting….and please have a glass of wine when you do so!

It’s a lovely circle – this female friendship stuff – and I am beyond thrilled to be in the middle of it all, telling it like it is, and celebrating my mother, daughter, and all of you every second of the day.

Thanks Kris!


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