Peggy Murriner, babysitease

As a girlfriend, I want to be a better friend – and to help my girlfriends reach their goals.

I  know my friend Peggy’s goals. And she knows mine.

Actually there are several of us in an entrepreneurial resource/teaching/collaborative group called Legacy Connection who, every Monday morning, share our updates, goals and lessons along the way to our entrepreneurial dreams. (I highly recommend this organization or other groups who are similar if you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur! It’s hard to go it alone and we learn so much together!)

Recently we paired up with another entrepreneur as accountability partners. My partner is Peggy, founder of BabySitEase – a cool service and franchise company who arrange fast, easy, convenient and wonderful babysitting services. Peggy is a dynamic entrepreneur who always inspires and challenges me to do my best. What she gets done in a week with a small child, two babies on the way and a busy business is nothing short of amazing. Plus, Peggy is a girlfriend whom I admire, trust and respect.

As accountability partners, we share our goals and our progress on actively pursuing them. From daily checklists (that we’ve each posted in our offices), to weekly goals and how they build into our overall company direction, we honestly share our progress, struggles and dreams. We are receptive to each other’s input

What are your goals? Do you have a girlfriend (or more than one) who know them? Could your friends help you achieve them?

Perhaps it would be helpful to find an accountability partner. This could be a husband/partner, or maybe not. It might be a hired coach or group of like-minded people (like my Legacy Connection entrepreneurial group). Or it could be a girlfriend – someone with whom you can be completely honest about your hopes and dreams and your progress toward your goals (or your lack of progress – as long as your honest!).

If you choose to go with an accountability girlfriend, I’d recommend that she be a friend with whom you can be honest and whose honesty you can take. A like-minded friend who understands your situation, goals and challenges is best – or at least one who is willing to listen and learn about what’s important to you – and who you can reciprocate by listening and offering support. Plan scheduled updates and perhaps any rewards or fees based on goals achieved or missed.

Having a girlfriend who counts on me to reach my goals is the kind of peer pressure that I need. I love how we can collaborate and brainstorm on ideas for a better path toward our goals. I love the pressure it puts on me to achieve things because I want her to be pleased and understand how her support is successfully helping me. And, the best part?! We have each other to celebrate with when we reach our goals. That’s much better than trying to reach goals alone.

Accountability Girlfriends. That’s just another reason to love having great girlfriends! Being accountable helps us be a better friend!

Want more info? Check out this article on accountability partners.

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11 Responses to Be a Better Friend – Accountability Girlfriends

  1. Jesy says:

    Peggy is awesome, she and Darrin have such a gift and BabysitEase is such a success. I completely agree that Peggy and what she does as a business owner is truly inspiring.

  2. Sue Glew says:

    I think you are both pretty awesome….and now I am anxious to hear all that you have to report on Monday morning…Go Girlfriendology, go Babysitease, Go Legacy Connections!

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