Call up the Girlfriends – it's time for a Super Bowl Celebration!

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If your response to “who’s going to win the Super Bowl?” is “who cares?!” - then maybe it’s a great time to throw a SUPER girlfriend celebration instead!

Some of us are into the game, some are not. Some of us just like to see the commercials and snack on M&Ms, chips and salsa and a chocolate chip cookie or two or three as our ‘reward’ for being at a party we don’t want to be at – right? I can remember decades of parties for the Super Bowl – some fun, some wacky, some kinda boring, some very boring. Funny, my memories of girlfriend get-togethers is much more consistently pleasant. Hmmm. What does that tell me?!

Plus, the Super Bowl game doesn’t start until 6:28pm EST so it will be going until really late. Even if you’re planning to hit a party, there’s lots of time to sneak in some girlfriend time before the kick-off.

So, if you have no interest whatsoever in football, you’re not going to a party or you want an excuse to get out of the party you’re supposed to go to, here are a few ideas for alternative super girlfriend Super Bowl Parties:

  • The Super Bowl of Shopping - What a great day to HIT (the mall), execute a LONG DRIVE (to the outlet mall) or PASS (away the day at your favorite boutiques). Get your girlfriends together and shop together. Maybe even THROW off the other mall pro’s by wearing football jerseys from your favorite team. Plan a half-time stop at a restaurant and get pumped back up for the second half of your shopping day.
  • Spa Bowl 2009: Game on or watching your favorite chick flick, get your girlfriends together for some well-deserved pampering. Have a lots of nail polish for giving each other manicures and pedicures, to those brave or skilled girlfriends assisting each other with high-lights and trims. Just make it all about each of you and how beautiful you make each other feel.
  • They’re all ANIMALS Anyway! Tune into the Animal Planet for their annual “Puppy Bowl” with the Kitty Half-time special! It starts at 3:00pm EST and is hilarious viewing for all ages and interests in football. Bring along your favorite pets (as long as they all enjoy each other’s company) and make your own custom people and dog treats before or during the big (Puppy Bowl) game!  It gives new meaning to TAILgate party! (Recipes and party favors all on the Animal Planet site!)
  • Helmet-less Hobbies – Invite your all-star gal pals over to knit, bead or craft during the game. You can have it on in the background (for those dang funny commercials) and have all the snacks there of a ‘traditional’ Super Bowl party – but there just will be no shoots of glory or agony – unless stitches slip off, beads tumble or there’s a scissors fumble! Give prizes for the best projects completed during the game, those crafting with the team colors or those who can correctly answer football trivia (like ‘Who’s playing this year?!”).
  • Hit the movies! The Academy Awards are coming up and the Golden Globe and SAG awards have already been presented. Have your own Super Bowl of Cinema by hitting two movies in one afternoon/evening – with a half-time break for nourishment and laughter. Recommendations: Slugdog Millionaire (has some violence and graphic scenes, but overall is worth all the awards it is receiving), Benjamin Button (I haven’t seen this yet but a reviewer/friend said it is ‘excellent storytelling’ and highly recommended it) and, if you’re up for not so happy, cheerful movies: Doubt, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and other Oscar nominees. You might want to start planning your Academy Awards party NOW and view some of the films together on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • The Girlfriend Sports Challenge - Who says football is the only athletic event for February 1st? Find a frozen lake or skating rink and create your own Ice Bowl spectacular! Or dress appropriately and go for a long walk/talk together. Heck, you can even stop by a party or bar on your route if you really need a football fix, but then you’re off and back to real conversations and non-violent expressions!OR Stay inside and have a Wii tournament and create your own championship competition! (Like this shot from our neighborhood girlfriend/book club Wii tournament!)
  • Okay, if you must. It’s still THE Game – Okay, so it is fun to see the commercials. Skip the game and snack between commercials. Or buy a book on football and be the girlfriend with all the football info like “Get your own Damn Beer, I’m Watching the Game!: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Pro Football” by Holly Robinson Peete and Daniel Paisner and be the go-to-girl for football answers.
  • Your own kind of Super Bowl Betting: If you and your girlfriends are going to watch the game together or at a party, have your own kind of betting to make it more interesting. Which player needs a make-over the most? What beverage advertisement will run first? Which cheerleader team will have the most blonds? What snacks will run out first? Who will fall asleep before the game ends? Announce the results after each quarter and the winner gets a prize or the following quarter of friends waiting on them with drinks and food!

So, girlfriends – what are you doing for Super Bowl Sunday? Watching the game or not, your day will be even more fun if you invite your best friends along. Cheer, laugh, craft, Wii – whatever – just have fun together!

Share your super Super Bowl ideas for your girlfriend celebrations!

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