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Dream NecklaceI love how girlfriends encourage each other. I just opened a Christmas gift from my walking girlfriend Colleen. It was a beautiful silver necklace. I know it mirrors her comments to me when we walked on Saturday. She told me that ‘2009 will bring me great things.‘ Things like my dreams of Girlfriendology growing and thriving as the community for women based on female friendship. I love that and the necklace and, of course, her and her friendship.

Another girlfriend shared the following with me and I wanted to share it with you. Lissa Boles is an amazing coach, inspirational and a very generous, kind friend. (Listen to her podcast interview to get to know her – you’ll see what I mean!)

Lissa Boles, True Callings coach

Lissa Boles, True Callings Coach

She sent me the following and I thought it was so powerful that I needed to share it with you:

During a really heartfelt conversation with a new client at the beginning of December, this amazing woman said something that inspired us to launch a very unique New Year’s True Callings Basics program…

She said,I want to start this year, of all years, strong.  And I want to finish it strong. I want to make a difference, pay it forward, and live what I came here to live.  I don’t want this to be another disappointing year where I fumble around pretending everything’s on track and okay when it really isn’t. It costs too much. Thing have to change and they have to change now. There’s just too much at stake…

Powerful words many are feeling right now, so we decided to launch 2009 with the “Start Strong” program (see the advisement e-mail below that we sent out to e-newsletter subscribers) with a pay-it-forward twist in honor of this woman: the first 25 VIP Insider-Circle seats for this program – valued at $149 – will go to the first 25 people who make a donation of any kind to http://modestneeds.org!

And to those who don’t make the first-free-25-seats window? Well, they get a $100 off voucher as our holiday gift, making the cost of the 4-part program just $49.

We’re huge fans of Modest Needs – in fact, its founder, Dr. Keith Taylor is a member of the True Callings Associate Faculty!  Modest Needs is a great cause doing extremely inspiring work and it’s an organization we’ve checked out, fully endorse and completely support.

What’s more, the idea of ‘paying it forward’ so inspired us we’ve decided every True Callings teleseminar (those we offer our own list) will include a ‘pay it forward’ component, and the first batch of seats will go free to those who donate to causes / people of calling throughout the year!   So if you know anyone who’s living a calling or mission and could use a little financial support to help them keep on keeping on, nominate them for a spot in one of our 2009 Payin’ It Forward Campaigns…

Now, you might think that’s all there is to this BUT THERE’s MORE – and that MORE is FOR YOU!

We will award the $49 ticket price (when charged) as an affiliate fee to YOU if, in the ‘What’s your biggest True Callings question?’ area of their sign-up form, your referrals say you sent them! We’re making this whole New Years thing a good Karma give-away!

So if you like what we’re doing (see the e-mail below and follow the link to the web announcement page), and feel good about mentioning it to your contacts, clients, family or friends, feel free to refer to your heart’s content!

Anyone you pass word on to who purchases their seat for $49 (on par – Cdn or US) and tells us in the question area of their registration form that you sent them (“Girlfriendology sent me!”) will bring a nice little New Years bonus to you from us!

Just our way of thanking you for your support!

And feel free to register for the series yourself if you feel called to participate! Just follow the registration link, make your donation to Modest Needs, and we’ll hear you on January 22nd!

Before we go, there’s one more thing we wanted to say.  Every single connection and relationship we have is richly reciprocal all year long: we get back as much if not more every single time. YOU have made a meaningful and lasting difference in how we live, how we work and the ways in which we see life and ourselves – whether you know it or not! Thank you for having been a part of our year, and for all the ways you’ve enriched our lives and our work. We really appreciate you and, we both hope your 2009 is all you need and dream of most deeply!

Here’s to a wonderful year for us all!

Tippin’ my hat to you my friend, Lissa

Thanks Lissa for being so generous and for showing us how to ‘pay it forward’ with our girlfriends. Tippin’ my hat to you too! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Check out Lissa’ website True Callings!)

And, to YOU … START STRONG and keep it going. Life is short and we can do amazing things when we put our mind to it.

Go for it girlfriends!

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