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Most women I know LOVE food and wine!

For girlfriend get togethers, girl’s night outs, showers, parties, all kinds of celebrations – we like to ‘partake’ together as a way of sharing substance verbally and of the digestible type! In fact, in the book The Tending Instinct, author Shelley E. Taylor, even acknowledges our gender’s bias for bonding over food.

So, we at Girlfriendology (the online community for women based on female friendship which often happens over food and wine!), thought it was a great time to check out some food and wine sites that especially appeal to girlfriends. These are generally sites we’d recommend to our girlfriends – any girlfriend recommendations from you? Please add your favorite sites to the comments too!


  1. Women & Wine – Obviously, this makes the list. This great site is a lifestyle company that creates signature experiences for savvy women (men optional!) who love wine, food, travel and living well.
  2. ImbibeImbibe is the magazine of liquid culture. It is a completely new way of looking at drinks—as a distinct culinary category, deserving in-depth exploration of history, ingredients, preparation, artistry and consumption. From wine, spirits and beer to coffee, tea and everything in between, Imbibe celebrates the world in a glass.
  3. Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket

    Wine and gourmet gift basket

    Local Wine Events – calendar of food and drink events is where all the world’s food, wine, beer and spirits events are listed in one place. Find a wine tasting, wine dinner, cooking class, beer festival, homebrew competition, single malt scotch tasting — and more — in your area.

  4. Gift Tree – not only lots of gifts in general, but also Premium Wine and Gourmet Baskets. Great girlfriend gifts!
  5. Paula Goddard – British writer and wine lover, Paula Goddard shares info on wines, beers and life!
  6. Matching Food & Wine – “the most comprehensive food and drink matching resource on the web” by expert and author Fiona Beckett. Free newsletter and membership for advice and more.
  7. Wine Girl - Michelle (and husband Kevin) share an education in wine and fine things like scotch and bourbon. Fun, exploratory, informative blog by girlfriend Michelle. Thanks Wine Girl!

    Julie (Wine Me Dine Me) and Michelle (Wine Girl)

    Wine girlfriends - Julie & Michelle

  8. Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati - another local girlfriend, Julie, shares her thoughts on dining and cooking. Even if you’re not in Cincinnati, you’ll enjoy her culinary adventures.
  9. Tino Vino – Four girlfriend got together and decided to create this wonderful boutique winery. In fact, Tino Vino is where we held the Girlfriendology National Women’s Friendship Day wine bottling. Again, even if you’re not in Cincinnati, this site/business might inspire you to find some wine girlfriends!
  10. Wine Tote Carriers - Picnic Time Bacchus Wicker Basket Wine Tote Carrier

    Wine Shopping! Wine Tote Carriers – Picnic Time Bacchus Wicker Basket Wine Tote Carrier makes a great girlfriend gift.

What are YOUR favorite food and wine sites for women?! Please share, girlfriend!

Next week: TOP TEN girlfriend books (great for girlfriend gifts and book clubs!) – send us your recommendations at Twitter or ideas (at) girlfriendology (dot) com. Thanks girlfriends!

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7 Responses to Top Ten – Women's Wine & Food Sites

  1. Debba Haupert says:

    Twitter friend Hollee added:

    Thanks Hollee!

  2. Pingback: Top Ten Girlfriend Food and Wine Sites | wine me, dine me

  3. Debba Haupert says:

    Desiree also sent these sites: – the most amazing candles for every occassion. for those occasions when only chocolate will do!

    Thanks Desiree!

  4. Thanks for adding me at number 5! I also love chocolate (the darker the better) and it goes well with wine – I would suggest the Italian red dessert wine Amarone.

  5. checked out wine girl. Cool site!

  6. mark says:

    great blog keep it up

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