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Is your schedule stretched to capacity? Overwhelmed with your To Do list? Exhausted just thinking about what all you have/need to do? Or am I the only one?

Right now I’m stressed. I want to spend time on Girlfriendology but I have multiple jobs right now – not including home responsibilities, taking care of the new pup, etc. I have to set boundaries on my time because it is just such a valuable, limited commodity at this point in my life.

This week was hectic at the job (and I haven’t even taken down the holiday decorations yet!) but I knew spending Wednesday night with my girlfriends was a priority, no matter what. My girlfriend group was getting together at Paula’s candle-lit home for a salad pitch-in dinner and to catch up on life. Ruth Sara was still in town which was perfect! Judy climbed up the street to make it. Joyce was new and Debbie was back after a hiatus. (Becky and Melody were sick – hope you’re better soon! Tina is moving her dad this week. We missed you!)

Six women gathered around the table to share a meal and our lives. Connections were made (like Joyce and Debbie realizing they had a very personal connection at a funeral three years ago) and plans were set (future dinners together, running into each other on an upcoming trip, etc.). The food, a contribution ‘salad bar,’ was perfect for New Year’s diets (even with all the treats Paula tempted us with!).

However the real nourishment was to our female spirits. We laughed, teared up, shared our frustrations, disappointments*, goals, secrets, joys. My stress floated away in the positive energy in that special home. It was a healing evening. A hopeful gathering. A female ‘family‘ who do life together. And I don’t know what I’d do without these caring, beautiful girlfriends.

Are you stressed? Dealing with life? Who better to ‘do life’ with than your girlfriends?! Stop and feel some girlfriend gratitude.

This month’s Girlfriendology contest asks for your comments on Girl’s Night Out events or just Girlfriend Gatherings. Please share. Your ideas and advice will inspire others. And think how much better life would be with less stress and more time with girlfriends! Be a better friend – life’s much better together with your girlfriends!

* Caroline Cheshire of shared great advice for caring for friends in this recent blog on Girlfriendology. Listen in for advice on how to help your girlfriends deal with life and be the girlfriend to them you want to be.

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